Faculty of Journalism and Communication hosted workshops in Vietnam to improve news literacy

The 2017 Summer Institute for News Literacy Fellows in Asia was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, between 1 and 3 August 2017. This summer Institute was hosted by the Faculty of Journalism and Communication at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, part of VNU-HCM.


The participants were educators, journalists, researchers, who came to learn teaching methods of judging the accuracy of news among “blurred lines information” in the digital age.


16 participants - from China, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Indonesia, discussed actively and openly to learn from each other, expanded networks as well as generated ideas for collaborative activities applied in the future classes.


Bruce Avasadanond, Adjunct Lecturer of Media Educator, Thammasat University, Thailand, said: “I like how the trainer showed us how he taught the lessons, the activities and the worksheets that he shared with us”, and he believed he could apply materials from the workshop directly to his classes.


However, Rizky Sekar Afrisia, Editor of CNN Indonesia, said, though she found no interest in teaching methods since she was a journalist, the course helped to bridge the gap between being a practising journalist and a media teacher.


“I want to put my position as a reader as well so I can analyze news as a reader,” she said. “I know that what is exactly they want, what is exactly they need, what exactly the newsies can educate them so I’m not only the person using news but also educate people.”


It is the first time that the Institute - a series of news literacy workshops targeted at media educators and practitioners from Southeast Asian countries―has been held in Vietnam. The instructor was Masato Kajimoto, Assistant Professor at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, the University of Hong Kong.


Minh Bang - Uyen Diep

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