Background information of the Faculty

The Faculty of Journalism and Communication of HCM USSH has been known for a long time for its quality education in the B.A. program in Journalism. The Faculty has run journalism training programs since 1992 under the permission of the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam. At that time, it belonged to the Faculty of Literature, Linguistics and Journalism. Since 2007, the journalism section has been separated and has become the Faculty of Journalism and Communication. 

Each year, there are about 600 official students and 400 second – degree students taking undergraduate program in journalism and communication. Two majors are provided including the Print Journalism, Publication and Public Relations (PR), and the Electronic Media.  Among all the departments in the HCM USSH, Journalism and Communication is one of the most competitive ones. It requires students to get the highest points in the university’s entrance exam to have the opportunity of studying in the Faculty. After graduating, they have proved their capabilities to be famous and prestigious reporters and experts of the field. Throughout more than twenty-year of journalism education, the Faculty of Journalism and Communication has trained thousands of journalists, editors, communication experts for the labor market, especially for Ho Chi Minh City which is the most active and dynamic city of the country.

The Faculty of Journalism and Communication has 20 permanent staff. All of the staff get Doctorate and Master Degree in Journalism and Communication from universities in the U.K, the U.S, Sweden, Singapore, Australia and Vietnam. They are qualified for teaching and researching Media History, Media Techniques, Media Audiences, Online Media, Communicative sociology.  Besides, the Faculty keeps broad and strong networks with news and communication organizations throughout the country which can support the staff in teaching and implementing mass communications researches.  The Faculty also has influences on news industry through the yearly media research reports.

Since 2007, the Faculty of Journalism and Communication has been in cooperation with several foreign institutions, including opening the Master Degree Program in Media Management with Stirling University (U.K.), B.A. Program in Journalism with Deakin University (Australia). The Faculty also works with the British Council in the project for Enhancing Curriculums in Journalism Education from 2008 – 2011.

In addition to the qualified staff and education programs, the Faculty has quite up-to-date facilities for training in the field of journalism. There are a multimedia lab with 40 computers, a studio for broadcasting practice and a mini library with about 200 textbooks and references. 

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